• Kinder Modeschau von Ella's Kinderboutique

    Kinder Modeschau von Ella's Kinderboutique

    Die erste Modenschau von Ella’s war ein voller Erfolg, dank der wundervollen jungen Models, die unsere neuesten Frühlings- und Sommerkollektionen mit solcher Begeisterung präsentierten. Ein herzliches Dankeschön geht an alle...

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  • Der Samichlaus zu Besuch - Ella's Kinderboutique

    Santa Claus visits

    On December 6th, 2023, Ella's children's boutique experienced a very special day. Santa Claus visited the store and brought a magical atmosphere with him.

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  • Impressionen Ladenlokal Ella's Kinderboutique - Ella's Kinderboutique

    Impressions of Ella's children's boutique

    In Ella's children's boutique, located on the charming Hübelistrasse in the town of Olten, the attention to detail is reflected in every corner. This boutique is not only a place...

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  • Beitrag: Bärner Mamis - Ella's Kinderboutique

    Contribution: Bärner Mamis

    As a small foretaste of the children's boutique, we were able to order two beautiful items of clothing for our boys via the online shop before it opened. The range...

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  • Eröffnung Ella's Kinderboutique - Ella's Kinderboutique

    Opening of Ella's children's boutique

    On March 3, 2023 the time had come: the long-awaited opening of Ella's children's boutique at Hübelistrasse 1 in Olten was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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